GATEFLIX is a one stop destination for those who believe in conquering and overcoming the challenges associated with GATEExam and other entrance exams with their sincere efforts. GATEFLIX is the best GATE online coaching platform for those students who want to crack GATE Exam with a good score. It’s a most preferred platform for Online Video Coaching, as it helps students to learn and practice under proficiently qualified mentors from top notch institutes such as, IITs, IISc and the other renowned institutions. Not only that, but it also provides many benefits of being user-friendly, cost-effective, anytime anywhere accessibility, best in class content, and 1-on-1 coaching with state-of-the-art coaches for doubt solving sessions.

GATEFLIX pays attention to various portions of learning across the aspiring students who want to crack GATEentrance exam and make a career out of the stream chosen. In the past so many years, GATEFLIX has made itself a recognized label in education industry.

GATE Online (Live) Classs

GATEFLIX provides live class to those of aspirants of GATE 2021 & 2022. The Faculty teach LIVE on GATEFLIX for 2 hours. Even if you somehow miss the GATEOnline (LIVE) classes, you don’t need to wait for the Faculty to repeat the Lectures. Instead these GATE LIVE Lectures will also be available in the recorded format for you in your Login within 3 days.

Video Lectures

GATEFLIX provides Pre-video recorded lectures which covers subjects wise recorded videos, recorded by Best Faculties across the country form IITs/IISc. You can also watch these videos as per your convenient time. You can also download these videos on your device to watch it offline.

GATE USB (Pendrive) Course

GATEFLIX Pendrive Course is an offline study material, which includes subject wise recorded videos & reading materials. Not only this but also it contains 3-4 Practice (E-books), and Previous year’s solved GATE papers.

Branches Offered

  • 1. Mechanical Engineering:Mechanical engineering is an engineering discipline that combines engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science to design, analyse, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.GATEFLIX provides best GATE online coaching for mechanical engineering, GATE 2021 mechanical syllabus and pre-recorded video.(Know More)
  • 2. Computer Science Engineering: GATE Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is one of the most sought-after courses in engineering. The field of GATE CSE integrates computer engineering and computer science. Learn programming languages, program design, computation, design and development of algorithms, computer software and hardware.GATEFLIX provides best GATE online coaching for computer science engineering, GATE 2021 computer science engineering syllabus and pre-recorded video. (Know More)
  • 3. Civil Engineering: Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including public works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewerage systems, pipelines, structural components of buildings, and railways. GATEFLIX provides best GATE online coaching for civil engineering, GATE 2021 civil engineering syllabus and pre-recorded video. (Know More)
  • 4. Electrical Engineering: The field of electrical engineering is so vast that includes Engineering Mathematics, Electric Circuits, electronic devices, circuits, equipment, and systems. Student learn how to utilize a wide range of electronic components from analogue to digital components, micro controllers, microprocessors, and programmable logic devices Electronic equipment and communication equipment has interconnected everyone in so many ways, such as through mobile phones, TVs, computers or iPads, Mobile. GATEFLIX provides best GATE online coaching for electrical engineering, GATE 2021 electrical engineering syllabus and pre-recorded video. (Know More)
  • 5. Electronics and Communication Engineering: Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) is one of the largest and fastest growing fields of engineering. ECE is a subfield of core Electrical Engineering. Electronics & communication Engineering offers scope in the field of research, mobile communication, Microwave communication, robotics, defence, radio communication, TV broadcasting, telegraphy & telephony, VLSI design, DSP, nuclear science, wireless communication and biotechnology.GATEFLIX provides best GATE online coaching for electronics and communication engineering, GATE 2021 electronics and communication engineering syllabus and pre-recorded video. (Know More)
  • 6. Instrumentation Engineering: Instrumentation Engineering is a collective term for measuring instruments that are used for indicating, measuring and recording physical quantities such as flow, temperature, level, distance, angle, or pressure. Instrumentation can refer to devices as simple as direct-reading thermometers, or as complex as multi-sensor components of industrial control systems. GATEFLIX provides best GATE online coaching for instrumentation engineering, GATE 2021 instrumentation engineering syllabus and pre-recorded video. (Know More)
  • 7. Chemical Engineering:A degree in Chemical Engineering requires a strong background in Chemistry and Mathematics, while core knowledge of other subjects in Science like Physics, Biology or Computer Science are beneficial. In order to prove your interest in pursuing a Chemical Engineering degree, you should have an understanding of the nature of Chemical Engineering and its various real-world applications.GATEFLIX provides best GATE online coaching for chemical engineering, GATE 2021 chemical engineering syllabus and pre-recorded video. (Know More)
  • 8. Industrial and Production Engineering: Industrial and Production Engineering is an engineering discipline that includes Manufacturing Technology, Engineering Science, Management Science, and Optimization of Complex Processes, Systems and Organizations. It is more concerned with the application of engineering procedure in manufacturing and/or production process and methods. GATEFLIX provides best GATE online coaching for Industrial and production engineering, GATE 2021 industrial and production engineering syllabus and pre-recorded video. (Know More)
  • 9. Engineering Science: Engineering Science is a broad combined discipline of Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Social Science and Engineering viz. computer, nuclear, electrical, electronics, aerospace, materials or mechanical engineering. GATEFLIX provides best GATE online coaching for engineering science, GATE 2021 engineering science syllabus and pre-recorded video. (Know More)

Why should you opt GATEFLIXGATE COURSE?

GATEFLIX provides GATE Online Coaching Classes to those aspiring engineers who seek to get an admission into top notch universities like IITs/IISc and also to those looking for PSU (Public Sector Undertakings) jobs. This GATE Course is designed on the basis of updated GATE Exam guidelines, GATEExam syllabus and GATEExam pattern.

Throughout this course all theories will be covered and students will be able to access 400+ Video recording sessions of the selected branch/stream of engineering. Students will also be able to get solution of query during online class. Moreover, students will get previous 20 years GATE question paper with detailed analysis and solution.

  • Features of the course:
  • There will be Daily Online Live Classes. Students will also get recording of the sessions within 2 days.
  • E-books and Papers: 12+ Subject Wise Books, Practice Books and Practice Questions, Past 20 years GATE Question Paper with Solution.
  • Test Series: 8+ All India Mock Tests with AIR, 12+ Full Length Tests, 12+ Subject Tests, 80+ Topic Tests (All Tests with detailed analysis & Solution)
  • Students will be allocated a personal mentor, with whom they can discuss regarding doubts and queries.

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Faculty Profile

Rohan Garg

Rohan Garg

Mr. Garg is a veteran trainer of Aptitude. He is an Electronics and Communication Engineer and also an IIM Calcutta Alumnus. He has been teaching over a decade now and have taught over 400 batches of Aptitude till now.

Kundan Kumar

Kundan Kumar

Mr. Kundan, a Mathematical Researcher, is a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social, academic growth and development of every student. His lectures are highly energetic and motivational.

S S Chauhan

S S Chauhan

S.S Chauhan is Mechanical Engineer and Masters from NIT Surat. He has teaching experience of 7+ years and has taken 350+ batches. Qualified at various national level exams, i.e. ISRO, NPCIL, GPSC- Class-II etc.

Aishwary Sharma

Aishwary Sharma

Mr. Aishwary Sharma is a civil engineer from the heart. After completing his B.Tech (2007-2011) from Jamia University and cultivating a keen interest to learn more. He completed his M.Tech from IIT Delhi.

Sanket Agrawal

Sanket Agrawal

Sanket Agrawal is M.Tech from IIT Roorkee. He is a passionate teacher with excellent presentation and teaching skills. He has published several National and International research papers.

Vinay Soni

Vinay Soni

Mr. Vinay Soni is an Electronics Engineer and has been teaching since last 7 years for IES & Gate Examination and has taken 350+ batches. He has qualified GATE and other competitive exams. He also cleared written examination of IES & IAS twice.

Concept of GATEFLIX

Frequently Asked Questions

A quiz for each topic will be conducted after the topic gets over. Further, topic wise testsand subject wise tests will be conducted on regular Interval.

It will depend on what subscription you have chosen; we will provide you with all types of subscription ranging from one subject to all subjects.

Validity of each subscription will be 365 days i.e 1 yr starting from the date of purchase post that student has to renew the same if they need more access.

After every chapter there will be small quiz. Take those questions and you can know about your level of preparation. After August student will get test series with basic, advance and expert level tests in it.

Now that's the main reason for joining GATEFLIX. You will be allocated a mentor to whom you can ask your doubts and get solutions. Not only that, during the live classes also you can ask the faculty your queries.

After beginning of the course, mentor will be assigned to students, with whom you can get in touch, ask queries/doubts and take help in planning your studies.

Content will be provided at the end of topics/chapters i.e. in phase manner.

Yes, you can log in or log out anytime you wish. But we strongly recommend to attend full class as you might miss some crucial concepts.

Dear Student, there is no such facility to cancel subscription of live classes, once you have enrolled.

If you have doubt during the live class, you can ask your doubts in chat box and faculty will respond immediately. Also, special doubt sessions (at least twice) will be organised every month.

No books will be provided as of now. In future we are planning to attach e books but meanwhile you may refer the standard reference books given under "Reference Books" tab.