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Updated for CAT 2015

The CLPP is based on an Advanced Statistical Model which has been developed over the past six years after analyzing the correlation of mock scores against final CAT percentiles submitted by students. The model works not just with CL mock scores but also with mocks of other testprep organisations . If you have taken any mock of CL/TIME/IMS you can submit the scores and see your CAT 2015 Predicted Percentile on the next page. The models predicts two percentiles - A Best-Case Perentile based on your best score and a Most Likely Percentile value based on a combination of your scores.

This tool is free for CL Test Series and Classroom students. However, if you are student of other institutes, you have to purchase the CL CAT Percentile Predictor for non-CL Mocks which is available at very special price. As on Jul 22, we have analyzed the AIMCATs of TIME ( 1622, 1621, 1620, 1619, 1618, 1617, 1616 ). We will continue to add data related to the subsequent mocks as they are released and analyzed by our team.

  • If the percentile predictor receives scores of multiple institutes then we provide a prediction based on a combination of mocks of all the institutes, as per an algorithm designed by our research team.
  • You need to take at least 4 Mocks of any institute to view the predicted percentile.
  • Your CL Mock scores will be automatically picked up (Proctored Mocks only)
  • You need to submit each AIMCAT/SIMCAT score - please do not enter any scores which do not represent your normal performance (e.g an unusually high or low score)

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1. How accurate are these predictions?

The predictions are based on a statistical modeling done of students attempts and their corresponding CAT scores. For example, after CAT 2013 we analyzed the records of 935 students who had submitted their feedback about the CLPP. Over 35% of them reported that the predicted CAT percentiles based on their Mock Scores was within 0.5 to 1 %ile of their actual CAT percentiles. In 2012 our model was able to predict the CAT Scores of 2012 to within 0.5 to 1 percentile of the actual CAT 2012 score for over 40% of the students who had submitted their final scores to CL . In CAT 2014, we had a similar success rate.

2. How does CL make predictions based on Mocks of other institutes?

The CLPP is a statistical model which has been modelled on data of tens of thousands of students each year. Our database of actual CAT percentiles scores obtained by students and their scores in Mocks of CL/TIME etc have built over years. Our academic teams analyse all mocks in terms of the relative degree of difficulty and estimate their statistcal parameters and feed the same in the model. Over time, we have reached a level of confidence that we can do it for other Institutes too.

3. What do students say about CLPP?
User ID CAT %ile CL Predicted %ile Students Feedback
1166203 96.2 95.06 Its very close to the actual percentile. Keep up the good work !!
1172716 94.25 95.31 The percentile predictor is highly dependent on student's self assessment about the accuracy, thus the individual percentile can be highly unpredictable. But on the basis of the number of questions generally attended by students throughout, the accuracy of the predictor is undoubtedly good.
1207650 94.25 93.83 It is an awesome tool. Really helpful. CL is the best!
1079118 99.7 99.9 Quite accurate!
1123493 69.66 65.15 mock based prediction is good
1113154 93.54 96.99 In section 1 it did'nt predict correctly bt, section 2 prediction was close. So, a thumbs up from my side to thre predictor, but it needs improvement.
1047056 87.77 91.94 I have no problem with the CL predictor.It predicted my section 2 percentiles accurately
1166203 96.2 95.06 Its very close to the actual percentile. Keep up the good work !!
1136218 96.2 96.33 CL predictor is doing great
1220085 82.87 77.07 cl percentile predictor is just awesome..it had estimated the exact score of my cat.
1103692 99.9 99.81 It was great...:)
1164343 99.63 99.97 Good close estimates.
1058150 99.49 99.11 It is very accurate
1223799 88.93 88.19 Great Estimate by Career Launcher and Team. Cheers!
1039456 88.17 88.51 Its quite accurate.
1133497 93.78 94.69 It was nearly accurate
1185635 98.74 98.55 Quant percentile predictor is off the mark.


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