Welcome to The CL Percentile Predictor (Full version)

This version of the Percentile Predictor works with all the Mock tests that you have taken and attempts to answer the futuristic question - "What is going to be my likely CAT 2013 Percentile?"

The CLPP is based on an Advanced Statistical Model which has been developed over the past 5 years after analyzing the correlation of mock scores against final CAT percentiles submitted by students. The model works not just with CL mocks but also with mocks of other testprep orgainsations. If you have taken any mock of CL/TIME/IMS you can submit the scores and see your CAT 2013 predicted percentile on the next page. The models predicts two percentiles - A Best-case Perentile based on your best score and a Most Likely Percentile value based on a combination of scores. At least 5 scores need to be submitted to the model for this.

Note 1 : CL Students must access this application after logging to SIS as the application picks up your CL Mock scores automatically. The CL Mock scores cannot be fed into the model separately.

Note 2 : This application works with Facebook authorization. Please ensure that your popups are not blocked and that you duly authorize the application