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CL Percentage Predictor CL Percentage Predictor CL Percentage Predictor
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User ID CAT %ile CL Predicted %ile Students Feedback
1079118 99.7 99.9 Quite accurate!
1123493 69.66 65.15 mock based prediction is good
1113154 93.54 96.99 In section 1 it did'nt predict correctly bt, section 2 prediction was close. So, a thumbs up from my side to thre predictor, but it needs improvement.
1047056 87.77 91.94 I have no problem with the CL predictor.It predicted my section 2 percentiles accurately
1166203 96.2 95.06 Its very close to the actual percentile. Keep up the good work !!
1136218 96.2 96.33 CL predictor is doing great
1220085 82.87 77.07 cl percentile predictor is just awesome..it had estimated the exact score of my cat.
1103692 99.9 99.81 It was great...:)
1164343 99.63 99.97 Good close estimates.
1058150 99.49 99.11 It is very accurate
1223799 88.93 88.19 Great Estimate by Career Launcher and Team. Cheers!
1039456 88.17 88.51 Its quite accurate.
1133497 93.78 94.69 It was nearly accurate
1185635 98.74 98.55 Quant percentile predictor is off the mark.
1172716 94.25 95.31 The percentile predictor is highly dependent on student's self assessment about the accuracy, thus the individual percentile can be highly unpredictable. But on the basis of the number of questions generally attended by students throughout, the accuracy of the predictor is undoubtedly good.
1219899 86.95 86.17 the cl percentile predictor is best and i got my predicted percentile in cat as well
1221604 98.98 99.65 CL really expected well and good , Good Job.
1058349 95.32 93.06 I think more than 2 chances should be given to a candidate after he/she has given CAT to know the estimated percentile. At least 5 chances, so that one can do some permutation/combination as there are many colleges where one has to apply beforehand and this percentile predictor is of great help.
1168667 98.6 98.22 Gud predictor
1133673 99.2 99.51 As you can yourself compare that it is same as the original percentile . :) nice work by CL Team
1042012 76.84 76.34 I expected a lot more in verbal section..i also expected to make it around 90+ %ile. however,the CL percentile prediction by the predictor on mock based was bang on target.
1207650 94.25 93.83 It is an awesome tool. Really helpful. CL is the best!
1165042 92.73 92.29 i think it gives a good estimate of the score. but again for an exam like cat.. bacause not every1 knows number of correct qstns..  so the OA is bound to vary   :)
1176728 98.8 97.43 The predictor (soothsayer) was right about my percentile..love it...no feedback..!!
1028919 92.46 91.82 It's very close to the actual one.

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