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A must attend session for aspirants planning to apply to MBA/MIM programs across the globe for fall 2021!


July 17, 2020


09:00 PM


Anubhav Seth

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Process for studying MBA/MIM Abroad


All you need to know to get into a top College


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Anubhav Seth

Consulting Mentor
National Head, International Education


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Anubhav Seth has ten years of work experience spread across technology, marketing & product management. Anubhav is passionate about helping young students to build a strong profile for a successful career and impactful application to top universities across the globe. He has mentored 500+ students successfully for admission to top global universities/ colleges like MIT, Yale, USC, GTech, ASU, HEC Paris, ESSEC, ISB, Rotterdam School of Management, King's College London and many others.

Students Testimonials

Saksham Soni

Career Launcher has helped me at various steps of my preparation to pursue a master’s degree in the United States and get admission in my dream university. The personal consulting further helped me identify all the programs that fit with my future career interests and current skill set; and guided me through the application process.

I was consulted by Anubhav Seth, whose insights in various university programs and feedback on my CV and essays was extremely valuable. It helped me iteratively refine my essays and develop my strong and original applications, which helped me get admission into one of the top programs on my list.

Shashank Yadav

100% scholarship

My journey with Career Launcher has been a remarkable one. I enrolled for International Admissions Counselling with Career Launcher last September and I haven’t looked back since then. I wanted to join the prestigious MIM Programs in Europe for 2020 intake. The whole application process does look extremely intimidating in the beginning, especially for top schools. With lots of essays, LORs, and standardized test scores, the process is indeed cumbersome, but I was guided through each step very personally by Anubhav Seth, my consultant. I got interview invites from almost all the schools I applied to which include HEC, ESSEC, ESCP, WHU. I secured a 100% scholarship from ESCP Business School and needless to say I am satisfied withthe offer.

If you are looking for someone else to write your essay in a preset template (which all Adcoms know btw), this is probably not the ideal service for you. But if you want to work with your consultant and grow and improve yourself as an individual and a professional, you should consider CL’s services. Overall, I am extremely happy with my decision to choose CL.

Akshita Gupta

I wanted to pursue an MIM among the top 10 programs of the world right after my undergraduate degree. My low GMAT score and engineering background totally got me to wonder of my chances of getting into a top B school. I was constantly in touch with Mr Bharat and Mr Anubhav of Career Launcher throughout the year with my queries and hence decided to take their help with my applications.

From the journey of shortlisting the B schools to receiving the admit letter, they have constantly strived hard to get me into my dream B school. Anubhav is one of the best education consultants I have seen. I do not think anybody puts as much effort into helping students to personalise their SOPs and essays and constantly guiding his students. He knows how to portray a student's endeavours in the best possible manner to bring out a compelling essay .The interview sessions were of great help and I learnt how to deal with any sort of questions. The result was conversion of my applications to admits in top B schools such as ESSEC and ESCP Europe. I would suggest Career Launcher to anyone who dreams to get into the best.

Vidya Challa

With a GRE score of 304 and TOEFL score of 91, I doubt how many of us can even dream to land in top universities like University Of Southern California and Arizona State University. I really had any hopes to land into my dream universities ! But, I just wanted to give it a try, and! When you have the right coach at your back, you never know, your trial shot can actually land to a perfect six. It was Anubhav, who had my back to turn my career dreams into reality!

I loved the entire journey starting from choosing the universities to getting admits and to applying for scholarships as well!

A big Thanks to Anubhav for the incredible guidance ( and especially your patience in dealing with my queries), And special thanks to ARKSS, for helping me with the right direction at the most needed time.

Apart from building careers, CL shapes you as a person! It's not just joining an institute for coaching, its actually shaping your career through the guidance of incredible mentors and hence, shaping your own self!

Srajan Bhatnagar

The admission consulting experience with CL has been remarkably smooth and rewarding. I was guided at every step of the way: from choosing the right schools to preparing for GMAT and IELTS.

The counselors were not only knowledgeable; they were also good listeners. They were all ears whenever I was in a dilemma regarding my career choices, and they also elucidated about the possibilities that lie ahead for me, thanks to their experience in counseling students from Tier-1 engineering colleges.

I'd recommend everyone considering a career in management to get in touch with CL. It will clear the clutter viz a viz the complex admission process and would let the candidate get insights about life post-B-school.

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